Saturday, June 28, 2008

Never too cold for a bit of web surfing ...

I've found some great stuff in my web travels today ...

Geninne's Art Blog
is an absolute treasure trove of inspirational, creative delights. You might like to check out her lovely etsy shop* too.

Revamp Vintage brought a smile to my face as I wistfully browsed their sassy retro swimwear collection for the umpteenth time (click on the Enter Here link then on the Bathing Suit Collection link in the side menu within their site).

I found some fun examples of kitschig East German design here, had a peep at some vintage books posted by Kevin over at The Balloonist, was intrigued by the collection of colour photographs of pre-revolution Russia at the Library of Congress:

... and finally I noodled around this humble selection of "Mom's Recipes" on Flickr - I'm sure there are many wonderful stories behind the recipes!

* found via BigCat's blog

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