Sunday, July 30, 2006

Farewell to Rich and Liss

Richard and Lissia got married a few weeks ago (hooray!)and are moving to the Qatar in a couple of weeks (boooo!). A couple of pics to commemorate recent celebrations ....

Wedding speeches:

Dinner at Borscht, Vodka & Tears with Leslie and Dave:

A June afternoon - Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy

The ground is thick with leaf mulch, in which Gus snuffles around ...

... he's a committed mud magnet!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Winter wanderings in Fitzroy

A sunny, chilly morning

Ahhhh .. that's what I need!

Princes Park in June

Colours & texture

Back to reality

.... in Melbourne.

I absolutely adore Autumn no matter where I'm living. I'm really glad the seasons change quite noticably in Melbourne and the weather tends to be crisp but wonderfully sunny; Gus loves running in the Autumn leaves too.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Entertainment in Thailand

.... generally involves food, and occasionally strange suggestions (click on the image of this magazine ad to enlarge it and read a brief instruction from your friendly neighborhood terrorist):

Maybe they were grumpy after travelling from Cambodia on PMT Airways...

LOVE the seafood in Thailand though ....

Relaxing in Phuket

Now this will be muddled ... I realised hadn't posted any pics of our wonderful stay at Andaman White Beach in Phuket. Here's part of a poor attempt to capture the gorgeous, indulgent atmosphere:

Go back ... way back

Wow ... July 20th already ... I have neglected this blog for much too long. Even if it's just kept as a diary for ourselves, I think it'd be nice to track the seasons and post a few pics so that we can remember some fun days. So ... in the next few posts I'll backtrack a little and put up a few pictures from Autumn and Winter in Melbourne. Here's a start with some pics of our first day back at Princes Park with Gus after our trip (actually still in summer):

... also ...

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