Monday, February 19, 2007

Hot summer nights ....

It's been really hard to sleep for the past week or so as temperatures have stayed around 40 degrees during the day, and in the mid-20s at night. Erk!

Poor G spent the whole weekend digging trenches in rock-hard clay (in preparation for plumbing in our water tank), while Gus and I found some relief from the heat at St Kilda Beach on Saturday.

I don't like this unrelenting heat - we couldn't do much last night except lie on the floor in front of the fan ...


Recently I've noticed a couple of things hanging in, or from, trees near my house. I like thinking about why and how they might have been put there.

There's a red chair near the top of a tall eucalypt in our street; it's up quite high and isn't easily seen. It looks quite dramatic when there are dark storm-clouds building behind the tree.

And there's a little plastic kangaroo hanging over the footpath near the end of Lygon St (.....I'm not quite sure why it appeals to me!).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pup goes up!

With the ground in the local parks being so dry and dusty now, Gus has decided that he might have more fun climing trees. He just goes straight up like a little bear.

I'll link in a video of him climbing soon.

Island Life

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Relaxing on Rarotonga

Our balcony


After dinner

G takes the Orca out for a test

We had a lovely time on Rarotonga .... Dad took a couple of his boats out with G but I didn't have my camera when they went sailing in the beautiful Norwegian fishing boat. It looked spectacular out on the lagoon.

... also ...

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