Saturday, June 21, 2008

Breathe! Breathe!

Wow .... I've just arrived home from the hospital, as my friend Leslie's new bub decided to start making a move at 3 o'clock this morning (a bit of background here). Bad timing in some ways because her husband is stuck at home with severe back pain, but it just so happened that I couldn't sleep and was sitting up with a cup of hot milk when the call came at 3am.

Quick quick - bundle her into the car and off to the hospital! The midwives were really sweet and Les was very brave ... how do women stay so calm when they're in so much pain?

I realised that this is the third hospital I've spent time in this week .... anyone would think I had some weird type of medical fetish!

(actually, that uniform is rather cute!)


BigCat said...

That's a whole lot of hospital for one week.

Lisa said...

That is more trips to the hospital in one week than I have had in over a year.

I hope all went well for your friend and her little one.

... also ...

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