Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We love Lotta!

Lotta Jansdotter has some gorgeous products on her site at the moment - so simple, yet so pretty! I really love the light and sunny Scandinavian style.

I am determined to get stuck into some sewing this Autumn & Winter.....
(there ... I've written it down and will now have to actually do it!)

This is a link to Lotta's blog.

"Listen to the happiness ..... it brings me misery"

I don't know much about Strindberg and Helium but I do like their little animated movies....

It's an odd little site...

rather dark

Monday, March 26, 2007

This is what perfection looks like

I've been meaning to post a link to this site for ages.... check out Candyboots for some rather scary food.

The Weight Watchers recipe cards are fabulous; I love the props and the little comments in the tags as you hover your mouse over each photo (on the Candyboots site, not this one).

I particularly like the Rosy Perfection Salad (above) and the strangely greyish and brain-like melon mousse:

My piece de resistance for a classy dinner party would probably be the Frankfurter Spectacular....

Fluffy Mackerel Pudding anyone?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Big blue autumn sky

The display garden at mum's nursery is in full bloom at the moment...

The boys at home

The other day I accidentally used a different setting on my camera; I like the resulting blurry effect:

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Harringtons Bakery

Today we went to check out some Morris Minors being offered for sale and stored at an old bakery in Vermont. I love the old 1950s setup.

Water crisis

It's easy to become weary of thinking about the water crisis here in Melbourne, but you can't really avoid it.....

Everywhere plants are turning crispy and dying, and our local parks are a depressing sight. Gus' favourite big duckpond has dried up completely, and what was once green parkland is now cracked dry earth. This is where Gus used to romp in the grass:

This is what it looked like once:

Hooray for tanks and water recycling though .... our little garden is still quite green, bedded down with mulch and growing well!


I'd estimate that about half of the houses in our area date back to Victorian or Edwardian times, and about half are more modern. Some of the older houses and cottages have been done up beautifully, others are 'a renovator's delight', but all seem to have character and most are quite charming.

Among the more modern buildings, I'm struck by the extent to which people's taste can differ from my own. What on earth are people thinking when they build things like this?

... This one is a huge monstrosity, actually four huge houses all joined together and sharing the same theme..... (not quite sure what they were aiming for, other than perhaps 'Italian Splendour' in its most horrid interpretation).

And then comes the strangely fascinating kitsch .... when it comes to beautifying your garden space, however small, you can't beat some colourful statuettes and a couple of fake plants to brighten things up!

Hearts and flowers

I've been quite tardy with updating this blog - can't believe it's already March! G & I had a belated little Valentines dinner at home a couple of weeks ago. It was kinda cheesy but fun to spend a quiet evening together with great food, candles and soft smoky jazz. Gus ate some of the cardboard heart decorations.

And somehow, the theme continues at unexpected moments ....

... also ...

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