Thursday, December 22, 2005

Minibreak in Lorne

What happened to the last couple of months? I had every intention of keeping this blog up to date but already after only 3 or 4 posts, it's already the end of December ....

G and I had a wonderful weekend with Gus this week:

..... 3 days in Lorne with all the sand, sea and surf a little water dog can handle (that pup really must have been an otter in a past life!).

He has taught himself to duck-dive and almost jumps out of his skin with excitement whenever he has the chance to swim .....makes us hope more and more that we'll be able to buy a house a little closer to the beach one day.

This week Bonnie and Sally are staying with us, so now we have 3 little whirlwinds filling our little house with pre-christmas glee and joy and boundless energy.

Great kids, cute giggles - life is certainly different with kids around the place. Gus thinks they're pretty fab too.

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