Friday, June 13, 2008


For several years now I've been trying to recall the name of the German company that inspired my love-affair with felted products. This morning I flipped through an old copy of Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine to read a travel article about Berlin, and they mentioned the location of the store Hut Up. That's it!

Yay! So glad to have found it again! I definitely recommend having a browse through their site if you like tactile and imaginative creations ... (e.g: the pod-shaped boiled-egg warmers pictured above, or their cosy teapot and tea/coffee-glass warmers)

I also found these great little placemats the other day at
Publique Living via A Room Somewhere.

Cute huh?

Finally, these beautiful sculptures caught my eye recently - a herd of steel horses in Valkenberg in the Netherlands:

Zwitser400400's 'Horses in the Sky' photoset on Webshots has more images ~ so pretty!

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Karin said...

Huh! Those placemat's are stunning. I love them.

The horse sculptures are very interesting. That must look amazing in person. I can imagine my eye flipping back and forth between seeing them two dimensionally and 3 dimensionally.

... also ...

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