Friday, June 27, 2008

This is .... my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

Another difficult choice this week, and as I haven't been doing my hair properly or dressing up lately, I don't have any appropriate pics of me to show (might let some fabulous models do their thing on my behalf ....)

For years I have worn a flower in my hair every day: frangipani, phelanopsis orchid, camellia or hibiscus - all retro flowers that I love, and they still attract a lot of comments (even from complete strangers). If I don't wear a flower, I wear a gingham bow hairclip. When I'm not being totally lazy, I wear my hair rolled at the front in forties style (modelled beautifully here by Phoebe and Gwen):

At other times I just go for the good old pony tail or sprouts of touselled hair at the back with a sleek fringe. At the moment I have dark hair - a vague approximation of these, although not yet quite as long:

If I had a smaller, bombshell figure I would be tempted to shop exclusively at fabulous sites such as Daddyo's, Red Dress Shoppe, My Vintage Hut, and My Baby Jo. When faced with reality I'm happiest in wide 40s-style pants or dark turned-up jeans (here's a way-too-skinny version):

... also gingham shirts with puffed sleeves, arm warmers in winter and quite a lot of black. This outfit from Revamp Vintage appeals to me for casual wear too:

If I could fit into their beautiful dresses, I would by dozens from Stop Staring. Daddyo's has a fine collection of their lovely dresses - here are just a few:

That's enough from me .... so much for 'one favourite outfit'! More fab outfits can be found through the 'This is ...' blogroll at Three Buttons. Thank you Miss Kitty's Kaboodle for our theme this week!


BigCat said...

You have great style. So many fabulous outfits in those pictures. I wish I had the waistline for some of them.

Leni & Rose said...

Awesome outfits! How very stylish!!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love the sound of your hairstyles. I'm way too lazy with my hair and to be honest, quite untalented when it comes to doing it anyway. I envy people with good hair.

Net said...

Wow - you certainly deliver! So many stunning outfits and great links, no "here's my favourite sweater" from you! I love that you wear flowers in your hair everyday - what a stylish and romantic thing to do.

Bri Grim said...

Hello. I just stumbled upon your blog thanks to Pinterest, and just read this post and felt the need to share with you where I love to purchase my retro/vintage inspired clothing. I am a curvy gal and they carry many sizes and I have loved everything I have ever purchased from there. So check it out if you haven't heard of it before.

... also ...

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