Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cosy stay-at-home day

Yay! G is able to walk a little bit now, and the lovely Reenie-Su is paying him a visit. They're playing a highly-competitive game of backgammon (with more than a little bit of cheating I suspect) .... great to see some smiles although G isn't really able to laugh properly yet!

These pics are a little dark but if you look closely you can see Gus resting his head on Serena's knee in the picture above - he's a nerd but also a sweet little cuddler.

The knives are coming out when scores are disputed!

Serena came for a walk while Gus ran around in the branches of the peppercorn tree; I climbed part-way up to say 'hi'.

Now I'm baking mini raspberry upside-down cakes. Yum!


CurlyPops said...

That looks like a great fun day (especially when it involves cake)!

Serena said...

I had a great day. Great company. Great cakes. Fun with Gus-The-Climbing-Dog... will be posting on both my blogs about my fun day.

Nikki said...

Looks like a lovely cosy way to spend a day!!

Send my regards to Serena when next you see her - she did a course with me a while ago. Great gal!

Serena said...

Hee hee.. the stabbing photo came out ace. Love the look on Mr G's face... You've gotta love a fake terror look

BigCat said...

What a nice day. Did you and Serena meet in Blogland or did you know each other already?

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