Sunday, June 29, 2008

Luck sometimes goes wobbly

(... but things tend to work out in the end).

My friends Dave and Leslie found themselves in a pickle a couple of weeks ago when Dave's back went out just three days before their second son was born. I don't think I mentioned that while poor Dave made it to the hospital in time for the birth he subsequently collapsed in the corridor with a prolapsed disc and ended up hospitalised himself. So Dave and Les and new baby Hamish were all in hospital for nearly a week while friends looked after Zach. I picked up Dave on Friday and the bad luck gremlins were still around, as we got a flat tyre on the way home! Things have to get better for that family from now on...

Back on the home front with me, things have been up and down. Poor G is worried that he might have damaged his internal sutures last night and might need more surgery. Poor thing. He's in pain and frustrated by the fact that he can't do what he wants to do.

On the upside, I was lucky today to receive some wonderful help from our lovely friends Jamie and Mel. A while ago we had arranged to get our house painted (inside) this week - I hadn't quite realised the amount of furniture-moving and prep-work involved, especially while organising the animals, the car and general household stuff, and G is still confined to bed. We had a huge day today. Jamie came to help and was the perfect project manager; I had also hired a student to help with the heavier stuff but couldn't have done it without Jamie. Thank goodness for such wonderful friends!

That's where I got lucky.

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Serena said...

Poor Mr G.. Hope he feels better soon

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