Sunday, July 06, 2008

This is .... my most treasured childhood posession

Among my most treasured childhood possessions are my photo albums and scrapbooks (the real scrapbooks, on grainy, unbleached paper, in which I stuck all kinds of things with Clag glue - not the modern concept of scrapbooking!). I love the way photos and collected ephemera are little windows into all kinds of memories that might have otherwise faded away.

Many thanks to Danielle for this week's theme - it's fun to see everyone's treasures. Thank you also to Angela for the weekly hi-jinks, and for asking me to suggest next week's theme!

Hmmmm .... Can I flout the rules and offer two themes to choose from next week? I was thinking of these:

This is ... what gives me goosebumps
This is ... what scrambles my brain when I try to understand it

With the goosebumps, it could be the good sort (warm and fuzzy tingles of joy), or the opposite, icky creepy kind. I hope the second topic is self-explanatory.

Looking forward to seeing your responses!

(I'll have to come back and add pics to my posts later - still trying to find my camera cable)


Serena said...

I knew you'd pick a great theme Juddie... well done !! I'm going to do the second one

Lois said...

I always thought it would have been great to have done scrapbooks while growing up. Alas it was not to be.
I know a man who is now in his seventies and his brother in law, who passed away a few months ago, kept scrapbooks with this and that in them from the age of about ten until the day he died.
How wonderful that he had such a passion. He had no children so the books were willed to the local historical society.
Thank you for your great subjects for the "This is" blog.

Sasparilla Sue said...

I know exactly what you're talking about!! I used to do that all the time as a kid, not always with pictures but anything that I thought was worthy of keeping (I once cut the label off a favorite pair of running shoes).

Can't wait to do next week's theme(s).

Sharon said...

Ooo they're gonna be good themes!

Danielle said...

Old photos and scrapbooks are priceless!! Looking forward to next week's "This Is". Have got my thinking cap on already :)

three buttons said...

I used to keep old dairies, that were like a scrapbook of memories. But unfortunately they got a toss out during my share house shuffle days.

Get themes to choose from! Now which one will I choose...

Thank you for your themes!!!

Angela xx

three buttons said...

Opps! That's diaries not dairies. I definitely could not afford a dairy farm when I was younger.

Plus it's a stretch to imagine a dairy being used as a scrapbook! I'm off to drink more coffee.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Scrap books are fab. My sketchbooks are more like scrapbooks these days - very little sketching goes on in them. :o)

Ooh good themes for next week. Gotta get thinkin'....

Maureen said...

I'd forgotten I have a scrapbook my mother made for me in my first couple of years. It's somewhere up in our attic and yes, crinkly, crispy yellow.

Great themes...flout away!!

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