Saturday, July 19, 2008

Deco delights!

Astonishingly for a chatterbox like me, I couldn't find the words to express my delight today when G and I joined some other Fedora Lounge contributors at the NGV's Art Deco exhibition (much of which is on loan from London's Victoria & Albert Museum).

I cannot pick a favourite exhibit, as the gowns were magnificent, the restored hotel foyer magical, the sculptures striking and deliciously tactile (well, they had a tactile quality .... oh, how I wanted to touch them!), the Cartier jewels breathtaking, the cars superbly elegant, the illustrations inspired, and the furnishings and architectural pieces the epitome of timeless beauty (particularly the green bakelite radios, the white-gold gilded writing desk and the design for Melbourne's Napier Waller mosaic freize: ‘I’ll put a girdle round about the earth’). They even had a beautiful meat-slicer (!) designed by the creator of the Kitchenaid mixer.

Do I sound a little over-enthusiastic?

Perhaps. But I do recommend this exhibition to anyone with an interest in fabulous deco design.

Pics on this post from the NGC and V&A Museum sites. This blog has lots more lovely deco stuff.


handmaiden said...

Sounds great,
am doing an art after dark visit in now looking forward to it alot
thanks sharon

danica said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!

I saw the exhibition when I was in Melbourne a few weeks ago and was blown away. Absolutely loved it. Your post has described the magic of it perfectly :)

015thrash said...

ahhhh i gotta go to this one! i keep on forgetting.... hope ur doing well Juddie! im going to nippon for a month next month. gotta experience the deco before i go! -reiko

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