Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!

I have a bee in my bonnet about home-made rubber stamps this week, and I've been collecting ideas so that I can make my own.

I mentioned tsk tsk's tutorial in my previous post, and I've also found the tips provided by Creative Kismet, Ciara Elend, and Kirbert to be very helpful.

I have dozens of designs in my head already (although, as with my softie-making exploits, I'm not really sure that I'd use many of the end products myself .... maybe they'll end up as little stocking-fillers or random gifts). I do like the idea of printing on fabric, so I'm sure I can customise my skirts and bags....

Speaking of tutorials, Creative Kismet has gathered a whole page of links to her favourite tutorials and shared them on her blog. Thank you Regina :-)

Here's one of the tutes from the list that I hadn't seen before - a quick and versatile little fabric box from My Little Mochi - it's a snap!

(BTW - most north American bloggers seem to recommend Speedball's pink carving rubber product for making stamps, but the postage costs for delivery to Australia are quite prohibitive. Does anyone know where I can buy pink Speedball carving rubber in Melbourne, or by mail order within Australia?)


david santos said...

Nice picture!
Happy day

Leni & Rose said...

Thanks for the links, I'm off to check them out now!

Serena said...

Hey Juddie, I know if you want to make a smaller stamp that you can carve out a gum eraser.

Juddie said...

Thanks Serena,
I've even had trouble finding decent-sized erasers lately - I'm sure we had some really big ones when I was a kid!

... also ...

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