Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Food for thought

My dad Skyped me today and told me about a recent public meeting held on the little island on which he lives (Rarotonga in the Cook Islands), to discuss alternative energy production options, including the establishment of a wind farm. Apparently there was a large turnout and people were very enthusiastic, which is really encouraging. Dad describes his community as "...the mine canary for the rest of the world because of our huge reliance on carbon fuels and high cost. We could be a model of tackling the problem if we do it right."

For his home my father has a solar energy system that feeds back into the local grid and he actively lobbies to bring in island-wide solar- and wind-based energy sources and electric cars: "With petrol here now over $2.80 /ltr i've compared fuel cost as 16c/km for small car on petrol, cf 3c/km for equivalent (same) car electric model as produced by a chinese manufacturer and powered by solar panel electric such as my setup. I figure savings of $900 pa on fuel cost alone."
And of course there are the environmental benefits ...

Inspiring conversations with my dad tie in well with my studies and general interests. I regularly visit the following sites 'cause I enjoy learning about important issues from grass-roots organisations rather than the maintream media/advertising juggernauts. There are some wonderful, positive things going on out there!





Please let me know of any similar sites that inspire you and get you thinking about the possibilities...

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Pecos Blue said...

I will check it out. I have a couple on my blog as well. I was in Tonga for two years. It is great what he is doing there.

... also ...

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