Monday, July 28, 2008


We spent the weekend in a cottage a few kilometres out of Lorne. I loved the open fire, the dripping eucalypt forest, the native birds and the cold wintry seascapes! It was great walking and playing with Gus on the beach, then curling up on a cosy couch with a cuppa and a book (and my beloved!), while the fire crackled.

In town, flocks of cockatoos filled the trees and dug tubers out of the lawns after the rain.

Some 'recyclers' pedalled up the hill next to our cottage

and Gus tried to dig to China.

Wish we could have stayed longer!


Moiface said...

haha what a great pile of photos!

Jenny said...

How lovely to have spent some special time this way-gorgeous photos.

one little acorn said...

It is so nice to spend time near the beach in winter and with Lorne you also get the pleasures of the eucalypts as well. Lovely. Sounds like a great week-end.

BigCat said...

What a perfect little getaway. Sounds just lovely.

Altissima said...

Hi J,
I finally got my home computer to display ALL images in blogger (not just a select few) and am now able to see all the lovely pics on your website. The photo of Gus running on the beach is marvelous - you should blow it up to poster size! It reminds me of the one of you at the beach that hangs in Mum's bedroom.

... also ...

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