Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Six things

Six things that made me happy today... (Tanja from Pretty Gingham tagged me):

1. Brilliantly clear skies and glinting sunlight on a cold winter morning;

2. The exuberance of dogs running and playing in the park (which is finally green again although we've not had proper rain for a long time);

3. Talking with my new friend Khalida and admiring her beautifully embroidered hijaab. She has one of the warmest smiles of anyone I know!

4. The lusciousness of winter vegies, herbs and flowers that seem to be practically leaping out of the ground at the Flemington Community Garden. I feel hungry as I work around the plots in the sparkling sunlight;

5. The promise of Spring offered by magnolias in full bloom;

6. A simple, cosy dinner for two as we forget the stresses of a long day, with a little bit of dark chocolate for dessert. Contentment!

1. Winter sky, blue-toned, 2. I am back!, 3. Grey Embroidered, 4. Ruby Chard, 5. Magnolia soulangeana, 6. Candlelit dinner at Navratna

(I've had to resort to a Flickr mosaic again as I still can't download the pictures that are filling my camera).

And now I need to tag two others .... Nikki and Yasu, I think you're it!


danica said...

Such lovely things! I especially like no. 6 :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was actually very delighted to hear that you own a Spandau Ballet album!

Handmaiden said...

the mosaic has a beautiful tonal quality to it

Nikki said...

Thanks for tagging me and making me stop to smell the roses... so to speak. Not too many roses in my part of Brunswick, but you know what I mean.

.girl ferment. said...

lovely things.

... also ...

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