Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sharing the love

As our house fills up with plaster dust and fresh paint, G and G and I have been pretty much confined to our bedroom, which is not particularly spacious. We're eating our meals and generally doing our work on the bed and huddling over the little oil heater that I bought yesterday, as our 120-year-old house is more than a little bit drafty!

I do have plans to start some crafty projects soon, when everything's cleared up and I find some space. I'm feeling rather inspired by these tutorials:

Neat and nifty Storage baskets by JCaroline Creative:

Molly's simple co-ordinated napkins (we only have boring navy blue ones at the moment):

Some rubber stamps or lino cut printing blocks, with help from tsk tsk:

... and a pretty box-pleat ruffle for aprons as illustrated by Giabella Designs:

I love the generosity of people who post tutorials online - it's greatly appreciated!


BigCat said...

I love those storage baskets. I might have to talk to Serena about whipping up some of these babies. They would make great gifts too.

Altissima said...

Oh, BigCat beat me to it - I was about to say those storage baskets would make great pressies ...hint hint ;-)


Serena said...

Hello.. Big Cat, you are psychic. I've actually got a copy of that tutorial.. I'll have a look through it and see if we can also do that, as well as our tute bags, in our Extravaganza day.

Hey Juddie, I love your new header.. it's ace.. will have to get you to explain to me how you do them..

BigCat said...

Yes, I agree Serena. I meant to say the blog header looks great Juddie. We should dedicate some time at the sewing day to creating groovy blog headers.

And I would definitely love to make some of those storage baskets. However, if we don't get to them we will just have to schedule Bonanza No. 2.

Juddie said...

Hey Serena,
thanks for emailing through the tote tutorial!

For anyone who's interested, here are a couple more tutorials and patterns I've found in my travels (as yet untested by me but they look like fun if , like me, you're just starting out):;action=display;threadid=2684

The wonderful Melbourne doyenne of fabulous bag-making, Nicole Mallalieu, also has some great tips here:

and here:

Um ... let me know if you think I should have added the above info to my blog post ....

design for mankind. said...

These are GREAT finds, Juddie! thank you! :)

Shawnee said...

ooh, I feel for you in a drafty home ... our farmhouse is from the 1890s and it's also COLD in the winter!! I'm sending some heat your way!

... also ...

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