Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nordic design - oh yes!

Today I discovered Landscape + Urbanism's wonderful design blog. It immediately appealed to me as those two fields are precisely the focus of my post-grad studies (due to be completed this week).

I haven't had time to browse through the site properly yet, but I was struck by the design of this beautiful landscape viewing platform in Aurland, Norway:

I love the way it nestles into the forest, with sleek yet organic lines and a gorgeous, vertigo-inspiring 'infinity' edge. It reminds me a little bit of this:

Read more about the Aurland lookout here.

BTW: I found the link to L+U here.


Bellgirl said...

Hi Juddie, congratulations on completing your postgrad this week!

You're the winner of my Blogtoberfest Chiyogami pendant giveaway, could you please email me your postal address on amo (a t) zoic (d0t) o rg

All the best for this week

one little acorn said...

Wow! What amazing photos and incredible design. You are moving in to an amazing career. Will have to go and have a better look. Thanks for the link.
Good luck with completing your course.

Mary-Laure said...

Spectacular! I'd really love to visit Norway and other Scandinavian countries some day.

Janne said...

Funny you should post this - I've been thinking about the same!

... also ...

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