Monday, November 24, 2008

Home again

We just returned from a little holiday in Tasmania. This was the first time I've been back to Tassie since I was about 8 years old; a perfect week away. I took way too many photos (mainly of lush landscapes, convict-era buildings, birds and plants), which I'll post on Flickr 'cause I can't fit them all on my little blog. Feel free to visit my Flickr pics any time.

Godfrey is sporting more facial hair for Movember again this year ... our holiday pics reveal the transformation from Wolverine-style whiskers to perhaps an even dodgier, trimmed mo that tends to scare small children.

Hmmm .... Only 6 days to go now.

We visited several antique shops in Tassie - they tempted us with all sorts of wonderful wares. I bought a few vintage children's books and vowed to return again with our own car, so that we might be able to bring back a few larger items.

I loved exploring Tasmania's architecture, landscapes, wildlife and intriguing history. We definitely plan to return and discover more soon.


BigCat said...

You could be employed by Tourism Tasmania. Your lovely photos make it all seem very tempting.

isoinpapu said...


Looks very different than here, very interesting, just so beautiful. Oh.

It´s white here now, wich i´m loving, but it´s nice have a good dose of greennes :)

I like your blog!

Jennifer said...

Magnificent photography; wish I could visit there someday. And your vintage books are precious!

Serena said...

Wow Juddie, there's some great photos in there. Looks like you had a lovely time !!

... also ...

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