Friday, November 14, 2008

Hot Spring (weather, not water)

This week I went to visit my mum and help her in the garden. The temperature rose to 35 degrees on Wednesday (95 degrees Fahrenheit .... and summer hasn't started yet!) and it was 33 degrees yesterday - awful conditions for working out on the open hillside. I tried to take some good photos but I fear the sunlight may have been too bright - they're rather washed out.

Poor mum is expecting a large group of visitors from this weekend's rose conference and she's absolutely exhausted (I felt wrecked after 1.5 days; she's out there every day. Phee-eew!).

The garden is in full bloom at the moment though, and deliciously fragrant - I wish I could offer you these pictures in smell-o-vision! Gus had a ball chasing rabbits and jumping in tubs of water, making sure he got as muddy as possible.


Angie said...

Juddie, Hope I haven't left this too are a few Hobart tips (bear in mind that with 2 small kids my view may be a bit skewed!).

The botanical gardens are good for a wonder around & picnic. We always check out the veggie patch as well.

Salamanca markets, I think the Huon Show is also on this Sat so if you were planning a drive down the Huon that might be a good day.

If you're heading up the mountain, there are several spots where you can stop & go for a walk (fern tree or from the chalet)

The east coast is great and you won't need any tips there.

Hope you have a great time!

Serena said...

Wow.. there's some lovely photos there Juddie. I especially like the orange ones (second last photo)... The gardens look great. You did a good job.

Rina said...

Hi Juddie! what a beautiful flowers and colors, all looks so delicate!

BigCat said...

What a garden. I thought mine was hard to keep up with. Phew!

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