Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

I found this beautiful site today - it has hundreds of lovely vintage circus posters, photos and prints from all around the world.

... "The Human Hydrant" (!?)

"Peter Alupka - the first speaking, singing cat sensation!"

Ernesto Lenardo - the world phenomenon

"Okultus - the mysterious wonder of the world. No arms, no legs, no torso!....."

I've posted some more over at Gin Slings and Whimsy.

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Serena said...

Hey Juddie, I'm afraid I can't share your enthusiasm about this site. Clowns scare me, as do pictures of them....
The Elephant one is good though....
The rest I have to cover my eyes so I won't get nightmares about the scary clowns...

... also ...

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