Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wouldn't you love to retreat to one of these little units for some quiet time?

Schwimmhaus with green roof from Confused-Direction

Simple little Tree Huts, currently installed in Madison Square Park, by Tadashi Kawamata.

Both found here.


m. heart said...

oh! i forgot about these tree huts and hope to be in the city within the next month. i'll take some photos of these.

madison square park also has an interesting installation called "pulse park" going on right now. i don't think i'll make it there by the 17th, when it closes, but you should check it out online, it's truly inspiring.

Biba said...

So cute, i've always loved tree houses :)

Erin said...

hands down, yes. i would love to spend time in either of those.

... also ...

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