Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day

January 1st, 2010:

- ringing in the new year with champagne, loved ones and silly conversations

- welcoming the sound of gentle rain after many days and nights of stifling heat

- watching fruitbats beating their way blackly through the evening sky to nectar-filled feeding grounds

- tasting ions in the supercharged air, as the sky turns from sulfur-yellow to furious grey-black and a thunderstorm envelops the city

- sinking into a deep bath in the darkness with the window open, heart pounding as I watch lightning tear through the curtain of night, wild and unpredictable

- feeling the thump as cascading thundercracks shake the ground and roll away across the suburbs

- savouring the cool wafts of a caressing breeze, a contrast to the violence of the retreating storm

- wondering if I could ever want for more ...

... this is bliss!

Happy New Year everybody!


one little acorn said...

Wishing you all the best for 2010. Hope the dogs are enjoying the cooler days! I know I am, though I do hope there is sunshine on the way soon!

Jennifer said...

Your description of your weather and atmosphere is thrilling to read -- helps me imagine you there on the other side of the world, in conditions that would be otherwise unimaginable to me at this time of year. We've had snow falling for about 12 hours now and will get about 12 to 24 more hours of the same. It's a light, fluffy, dry snow that's driven by howling winds through air so cold it freezes your nose as soon as you step outdoors....

... also ...

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