Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ron Mueck

Today we went to the Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV. His work is truly astonishing - I've never seen anything like it.

The realism of his works, both oversized and miniature, is so great that it really messes with your mind .... even when examining them up close, it's difficult to accept that the subjects are sculpted artworks rather than real people frozen in some bizarre Lilliputian world.

Upon entering the exhibition (having passed the tiny but perfect 'Dead Dad'), we faced the rather confronting form of a giant new-born infant, umbilical cord and hair still glistening with placental matter (!)

What an introduction to Mueck's world!

While I absolutely love all of his pieces, I think my favourite is the Wild Man.

"Wild Man shows signs of extreme anxiety, even terror; he grips the stool and his toes press down onto the floor. The artist has made him look doubly vulnerable. Despite dwarfing us mere mortals who look at him – he is nearly three metres high – his state of ongoing fear elicits a sympathetic response from us. Instead of our feeling intimidated by him, he seems intimidated by us."*


Photos cannot do justice to the wonder of these sculptures .... if you ever have the chance to see a Mueck exhibition, go go go!


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*Wild Man blurb from here


m. heart said...

Ah! Have always wanted to see his work in person!

Felicity Waters said...

my gosh they are intense images

...was trying to say hello as I just read your comment on Noel's blog about our road discussion

you may be interested in the start of the conversation at my blog on

Eliza from Urban Homesteader said...

His work is amazing and I love your photos! I hope to see one of his exhibits some day.

On a different note, I think your Mum may have left a comment after your guest post on my blog! :-) Shucks, I feel like family now.


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