Monday, January 18, 2010

Bee feasts and the home harvest

On Saturday I immersed myself in the furious buzz of insect activity that can often be found in my mum's beautiful rose garden. I've never seen so many bees clamouring for pollen in the early hours of the morning!



Gus chased rabbits (don't worry, he never catches any...) and then found a tub of slimy, muddy water to splash around in with abandon. Sometimes it seems his one aim in life is to get as filthy as possible, and he sure has fun while he's trying!

We're still harvesting delicious, sweet veggies every day from our little raised beds - they never fail to delight and I can't wait to expand our garden to double or triple its productive space.


By the way, I wrote a little guest post for the US Urban Homesteader blog the other day too. Urban Homesteader is a lovely, inspirational site, full of wonderful ideas for living the good life..... why don't you pop on over and take a peep?


Bellgirl said...

Hi Juddie, I read your post on the Urban Homesteader site- the pics of your garden look great!

willywagtail said...

Love the dog int the tub phot. It was probably the coolest spot at the time and he was to exhausted to get out.

Serena said...

Go Gus!! He's such a funny dog!

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