Monday, January 11, 2010

High summer

Today was definitely a day for staying inside - the temperature got to 44° C in the late afternoon (over 111° F.)  .... uggh! We've had a week of very hot days, and tomorrow's set to be hot hot hot again. I feel for all the poor animals that are stuck outside and the valiant plants that are drooping and wilting and being scorched.

I find it hard to imagine all my lovely friends in the Northern Hemisphere shivering in particularly cold winter conditions ....
let me send you some of this sunshine!

Yesterday evening we ate our dinner at the beach while Gus scampered and splashed with glee.


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Jennifer said...

How beautiful -- I am looking at your photographs and really, truly imagining what it would be like to feel that heat from the sun. It was -14 c when we left the house this morning (6 f) and if we're lucky it will get up to 0 c this week. It would be nice to even it out a little, wouldn't it?

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