Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The London Jungle Book

Found at BibliOdyssey:

"Bhajju is a brilliant artist from the Gond tribe in central India, and this book is a visual travelogue of his impressions in London. With radical innocence and great sophistication, Bhajju brings the signs of the forest to bear on the city, turning London into an exotic jungle." [back cover blurb]

"I have combined the rooster, which is the symbol for time in Gond art, and Big Ben, which is the symbol of time for London. I have turned the dial of Big Ben into the eye of the rooster, because it seemed to me that Big Ben is like a big eye, forever watching over London, reminding people of the time. Symbols are the most important thing in Gond art, and every symbol is a story, standing in for something else. So this painting was the easiest for me to do, because it had two perfect symbols coming together."


"The heaviest animal I have ever seen is an elephant. So that is the creature that came to mind when I painted the plane. A plane taking off is as much of a miracle as an elephant flying. I have put the trees upside down in the sky, and the clouds below, because flying turned my world upside down."


"Everyone was a foreigner - all kinds of skin colours and all kinds of hair. I had seen foreigners before - some of them had visited my village to look at our paintings, but now I realized that something strange had happened. My colour was different, my language was taken away from me ... I myself had become a foreigner!"


"Although I liked the underground very much, I still preferred to get to to work everyday by bus, because one stopped right outside my door. [...]
I have turned the Number 30 bus into a dog, because like a dog, it was a faithful and loyal friend to me. London buses look very friendly too, and fit in with the good spirit of the faithful dog."

'The London Jungle Book' © Tara Publishing 2004
(in association with The Museum of London)
Art: Bhajju Shyam
Text: Sirish Rao & Gita Wolf (from Bhajju's oral narration)
Design: Rathna Ramanathan*, Minus9 Design*

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the textured leaf said...

Hi, thought id post in here as you may not see my reply to your query. The lamp is from Early Settler. I love the discount showroom if you arent aware on Whitehorse road. There are 2 stores within 1 km of each other. ( word of warning, leave the credit card at home in a block of ice in the freezer)

peacay said...

Taa. You prolly should add a link to Tara: because it's through their wonderful work that we're able to see this shtuff.

I like your house :- ) Shall add the link to my enormous browser bookmarks list for future ref!

Juddie said...

Thanks Peacay,
I've added the link to Tara Books :-)

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