Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Race day

Three things I've never done before:

1. Travel by train from Melbourne to the Macedon Ranges

2. Attend a horse race

3. Display or wear Australian patriotic paraphernalia, especially on Australia Day
(for me this conjures up images of racist bogans (rednecks/chavs) behaving like morons .... I know it needn't, but it always does)


Thus, today was a day of firsts. Serena had organised a marquee at the country races, so we set off early in the sparkling sunshine to have our own little Picnic at Hanging Rock.

We watched some horses running very fast and then turned to people-watching from our strategically-placed tent, all the while enjoying a huge range of delicious culinary treats.



Getting into the spirit of Australia Day, Serena brought along countless Australian-themed flags, tattoos, hats, stubbie-holders (beer coolers), plates, napkins, cutlery, undies (!), wigs, fans etc...... Eeek!
I was tentative at first but in the end I succumbed to the spirit of the occasion and donned a little tattoo heart.

We had a really lovely day. I'm glad I did three things that I've never done before.

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Serena said...

Hey Juddie, thanks for coming! Glad you had fun also. Yeah, I know what you are saying about the bogans, but my thought is that they shouldn't ruin the fun of celebrating what it means to be an Australian! So I am going to fight that. I'll be doing my post later today (after I download the five million photos I took)

... also ...

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