Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Midnight ponderings

My brain is going tickedy-tick tonight so I'm trying to distract myself in blogland at 1 o'clock in the morning.

OK - here's something sweet....

A couple of weeks ago I sent this bunny out into the world for the Toy Society:

She's made from very thick, soft felt (converted woollen jumpers/sweaters) and vintage tablecloth fabric.

This week I got an email from her new family, assuring me that she's very well loved and settled in at her new home. Her new little friend Charlie is an absolute cutie - check him out here.

It's fun imagining all my toys in their new homes! I've made several more variations of my rabbit and carrot set recently - will post pictures soon. G thinks I should start selling them (?!).

oh. it's nearly 1:30 now - better go to bed. Good night all (and happy inauguration day, America!).


.girl ferment. said...

Hey Juddie, I think you should start selling your rabbit and carrot. I think if you added a little hook that they would be a hit as plush wall adornment. (He just has that great shape).

lisaschaos said...

I love that rabbit! Looks so personable!

Sarah said...

Very cute!
I didn't get a reply from my toy drop but I saw a man with a little boy come and take it so I know my softie has gone to a good home.

You should definitely start selling these sweeties.

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