Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1957 - 'Your Telephone of Tomorrow'

From Modern Mechanix:

"Usually old articles of the form 'Your x of tomorrow', be it house, car, phone, city, plane, etc., are full of ideas that are wildly off the mark or just plain ridiculous. This article about the future of phones is remarkable because virtually everything in it has come true. Worldwide direct touchtone dialling, transistorized switching, audio/video data compression, voice recognition and rampant miniaturisation. All true. Not to mention that a tiny, touchtone, color videophone you can watch TV on is a pretty accurate description of my Motorola RAZR.

I also love the idea that everyone will get a phone number at birth and keep it for the rest of their life. If you call someone and they don’t pick up, you’ll know they’re dead. Or perhaps just sleeping."

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.girl ferment. said...

yup. i like everyone getting a phone number at birth.

i am hoping to put some upholstery packages together tonight so email me your postal details.

... also ...

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