Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Welcome to this historic, brand new day!

I can't help but feel hopeful.


m. heart said...

me too!

Altissima said...

Yes indeed! Well worth getting up at 3.30am to witness. This morning on 774 I heard someone reading these verses from the poem "Song of Hope" by Australian poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal:

Song of Hope

Look up, my people,
The dawn is breaking,
The world is waking,
To a new bright day,
When none defame us,
Nor colour shame us,
Nor sneer dismay.

Now brood no more
On the years behind you,
The hope assigned you
Shall the past replace,
When juster justice
Grown wise and stronger
Points the bone no longer
At a darker race.

Applicable to today's mood, no?

Juddie said...
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Juddie said...

Yes! The man is certainly an impressive orator...
I also loved Elizabeth Alexander's poem and the benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery (click on the words 'brand new' and 'day' in my post above for links).

Chrisy said... exciting uplifting day...and oh that man's voice is like honey...

Juddie said...

Indeed ....

I was reminded of Maya Angelou's poem for the 1993 inauguration ceremony, which would also be fitting. You can read and hear it here:

... also ...

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