Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Veg About

As I've been posting periodically about my vegie successes and failures, I thought I'd link in with Bellgirl's Veg About project. Here's what's growing in my little patch at the moment:

The only ruby chard to have escaped the mystery muncher

Some mint, which I fear overwhelmed the peas that I'd planted at the base of the stakes. Note the feeble attempt at making some fencing to keep a certain boisterous dog off the garden ...

Some thyme and bolted rocket - a lot of my salad greens were also munched this season, and when I let this little survivor bolt, I decided that I quite liked the flowers.

Lots of heirloom tomatoes!

Artichoke (or cardoon? - not sure) - I'm hoping to entice lots of ladybirds into my garden. They loved the first artichokes I grew here a couple of seasons ago, but I think this might be a different variety (hope the ladybirds come back anyway).

Lastly, I think I have some self-seeded pumpkin or cucumber in a little window-box on the loungeroom windowsill. I used compost to fill the box, and I think the seeds were in there, just waiting for the right time to sprout!


Rina said...

wow! this is so so amazing, I always dream to have my own vegetables! oh and I love mint!

Miss Muggins said...

Wow - I love your vegie garden and the concept of fresh food. My naughty buuny ate all of my herbs, except for the mint!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your best wishes for Flash. Will post an update.
I enjoyed my visit to your blog and laughed out loud about the massacre art!

Bellgirl said...

Wow, it looks so lush! I've got one of those ineffectual dog fences too ;)

I've added you to the list of veg abouters in my sidebar, and when I work out how to make a button, I'll send you one!

Bellgirl said...

BTW I've made one of these images the Veg ABout featured image of the week on my sidebar. And I got ladybirds on my artichokes too, little black and yellow ones! They usually live on the zucchini, they like the powdery mildew at the end of the season.

... also ...

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