Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Get those fabric remnants out of the cupboard!

I've been full of good intentions for a while now, with a huge bag of softies waiting for distribution to new (and needy) homes. Perhaps it's time to ramp things up a bit?

Last month Bellgirl posted about the Uthando Project, which co-ordinates the creation and distribution of hand-made dolls for children of the Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Seems like a really simple and fun creative project that even novice sewers or knitters could join in, and yet the value provided is perhaps more than we could imagine.

Some time ago I also found out about the Goods4Girls project via another wonderful blog*; I realised that I take for granted some of the simple things that, when lacking, significantly limit girls' and women's opportunities throughout the world.

Would anyone in Melbourne like to get together for a bit of a sewing/chat session to create a few dolls or toiletries? If you're not confident with creating your own doll designs, don't worry - there are plenty of patterns and instructions here and here. And this little zippered bag looks pretty straightforward ...

I'm definitely going to make some as soon as I finish my studies next month.

*my apologies for forgetting which blog I found this on!


BigCat said...

I have to decline with everything else I have happening at the moment. It sounds like a great idea though.

Juddie said...

Thanks Cathy,

I totally understand ... from here on in the months just fly by don't they?

Maybe we could keep in in mind for our Thornbury bonanza group early next year some time?

:-) J

Serena said...

Count me in Juddie !!

BigCat said...

Hey Juddie

Just got back to this message and saw your reply. I reckon a Thornbury Sewing Bonanza softie session would work really well.

Karin said...

I don't live in Melbourne (yet) but I really love the idea of this project and want to participate when our Spring Fair is over. This looks great. I've bookmarked this. Thank you!

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