Thursday, October 09, 2008

Seeking food metres, not food miles

Some of you will know how much I love growing my own food, but this year a mystery critter has eaten most of the produce in my garden. Luckily I live within a short (walking) distance of CERES - a wonderful community space that's full of all things good for the soul!


Jame said...

Mel and the boys love CERES too! Should I be worried if my carrots haven't sprouted yet?

Juddie said...

Hi Jamie,

I'm sure your carrots will come up just fine :-) Looking forward to catching up soon - maybe we could meet for brunch down at CERES on a weekend?

xx J

one little acorn said...

I Love Ceres. How lucky to live so close. I haven't been there for ages! Must make the effort sometime.

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