Monday, October 27, 2008

Printing and pasting at the TCB

Saturday was hot and dry - a perfect day for getting together with BigCat, CurlyPops and Reenie-Su for another Thornbury Craft Bonanza, this time involving paints and glue. As Serena mentioned on her blog, we rode the emotional rollercoaster of loving lino-cuts, then hating them, then gradually welcoming them back into our lives.

My first attempt resulted in dismal failure. What was supposed to look like this:

ended up looking like a massacre:

Deep breaths, Juddie! No tantrums now!

The other girls made some pretty stamps, then went on to collaging (you can check out their creations on their blogs - linked above).

I'm not really into collaging so I stuck with the stamp-making and decided that reverse-imaging and stamp pad inking was a much easier way to work while I'm learning. So much for my lofty aspirations of making intricate, detailed stamps, using fabric paint with a roller!

Holden gave up on managing quality control quite early in the day - he decided to lie outside and guard the clothesline against wattlebird invasion.

Love that cat!

Oh well .... I'm still feeling inspired and can't wait to get down to the art supply shop to get some more carving blocks (maybe I'll get better with a bit of practice).

Thank you to the girls for making Saturday such a lovely day!


handmaiden said...

like the stamps you made and the gift cards...particularly the christmas tags

one little acorn said...

It does look like lots of fun... Earlier this year friends and I did lino printing at home with disappointing results. A combination of things has to be just right... Certainly the ink, then also the paper, the pressure applied, the barren and the lino/rubber. Well done on what you did, I like the the cute bird pic especially.

Bellgirl said...

These stamps look wonderful! I love the gift tags. Did you use lino to make the stamps?

Juddie said...

Thanks everyone!
I made the bird and Christmas decoration stamps with an 'ezycarve' product that Serena had bought in an art supply store. It's similar to the Speedball products available in North America - much easier to cut than lino.
Since then I've been making lots of lino-cut stamps though, as I can't seem to get my hands on any of the ezycarve stuff :-/

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