Saturday, April 12, 2008

Click clack

Time to upload pics of a few op-shop finds that have been tucked in a corner of my study for a while...

Firstly, some very snazzy knitting and crochet patterns which I couldn't resist, despite the fact I can neither crotchet nor knit!

I guess they were going for 'manly glamour' with this selection (in most of the other pictures, the model is wielding a fat cigar in addition to wearing supertight slacks):

mmmmm, sleek

This crocheted vest seems to make him very happy,

and you can understand why when you see it in all its technicolour glory (below - click to enlarge).... Check out the shoes too - no wonder he's walking tall!

Another pattern book offers a group of seriously manly men practicing their best Blue Steel:

...while yet another provides several options for guys who have crochet "team mates", whether that means your best buddy or some neighbour's slightly nervous-looking kid. It's reassuring to know that you can step out together in matching knitwear this summer.

Maybe these models got their start in the knitwear industry years earlier with Patons, the way Garry and Billy did?


Anonymous said...

Gulp! Blimey! I'm lost for words, except that I grew up with an obsessive knitter (my mum
) and everywhere there were knitting patterns with nerdy people modelling totally uncool sweaters. And that was in the seventies! This was a great post bringing back many memories for me. Thanks!

Serena said...

Oh Juddie, I was having a bit of a giggle at the first "singlet" type of top with all the colours.. Then I scrolled down and saw the yellow singlet (the guy holding the newspaper with the sunnies on) and then I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. These patterns are ACE !!

Kitty said...

yay for crochet! I love them, they made me smile which is quite an achievment for me this early.
in regards to your question about the vintage cards I found them on ebay by typing in vintage cards in collectables.

Maureen said...

I actually do remember outfits like that rainbow 70s vest (singlet?) and the shoes..dorky and clunky as all get out. However, they were safe walking but that was one style I passed on (ditto my xh).

... also ...

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