Monday, April 07, 2008

This is .... my knick-knack/jewellery box

Disorganised as I am, I tend to store my jewellery and trinkets in a range of places (all around the house).
I've had this large carved box since I was 21 and it still contains items that were important to me back then, although for some reason I don't use it for my current treasures:

I keep small pieces easily to hand in this little tin:

... and a drawer in a bookcase in my study provides a home for flower hairclips, scarves, necklaces etc:

Thanks to Anastasia for this week's meme-theme. Check out Three Buttons to see who else is playing 'This is ...'.


AnastasiaC said...

what a gorgeous wooden the cute one too!!

Bird Bath said...

very nice vessels... the bokcase is special too. Your shoes look very pleased to be at home :)

... also ...

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