Monday, June 06, 2011

I'm a tumbleweed

Today, after meeting with my surgeon and booking in operations on both knees and my right hip, I twisted my ankle and fell heavily on my hand, spraining my wrist. And yes, folks, I performed this trick not once, but twice in the space of an hour.

So I'm wondering if there are many more major joints that I might be able to injure, just to complete the set?


Janne said...

Oh no!! You poor thing! Is that even possible...? Shoot. Talk about being unlucky... I hope you heal well and SOON.

MartyrQuilters - piecemakers reluctantly giving up housework! said...

Hello Juddie, met you at SIT Sydney, I was working on the Tudor cross stitch. Sorry to read about your hurts, know that am sending you healing thoughts and get well soon wishes.

trash said...

Not a joint but could you have a go at doing something to your scapula?

It is such a great word, it would be awesome to use it in general conversation ;-)

... also ...

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