Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A bird in the hand

Yesterday on the beach I found a little injured penguin. I called him Fonzie because he looked like a cool guy in a little leather jacket and white t-shirt, and I took him to a wildlife rescue place in the next town - hope he recovers! He had beautiful petrol-blue feathers on his sides which inspired me to think about dark and glamorous colours in fabrics and interior design ...
(odd, perhaps, but that's how my brain ticks!).

Unfortunately this is the only picture I managed to take as I had my hands full and was hurrying back home with the dogs before it got dark.

This afternoon I took some photos with my phone, and although I wasn't really able to see the screen display in the low afternoon sun at the time, I'm glad they caught the light on this beautiful first day of winter.

Bracken seems to be growing some Victorian-style sideburns at the moment .... very Chap!


Anonymous said...

Your new hideaway village looks absolutely idyllic... such beautiful light!
Fonzie is a very sweet looking little fella (even if he is a leather-clad rebel at heart) - hope he's well on the way to recovery.
As for Bracken's mutton-chops – a resounding bravo!

Carolyn said...

Fonzie is a very sweet looking little fella! Beautiful pictures.

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Heartfire At Home said...

Oh, how cute is Fonzie! I hope he was ok and recovered alright. And, Bracken.... well he is just super gorgeous!! Fab pics on your phone!

Linda. x

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