Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A fast track, high stakes, 49 starters in 7 heats ...

.. and victory for Pepperoni!

It was the Port Fairy Dachshund Dash!

We formed the cheer squad for Pepper, Wilbur and Ted, although there were so many adorable little dachsies it was impossible to pick a favourite.

Wilbur was too scared to race so he watched his sister win from the safety of Petra's shoulder-bag. After the race he crashed as though he had run the hard yards!

So many silly sausages!


Michelle said...

A dachshund race sounds like the cutest thing ever!

Janne said...

Dachshounds really are some silly sausages. Love them!

PS. Delays on the little surprise parcel, I'm afraid. Ships out tomorrow.

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