Wednesday, December 03, 2008


A little update on my garden for Bellgirl's Veg-About:

For weeks I've been planning to plant some more vegetables and herbs in pots, as the previous season's produce has generally finished and/or gone to seed. I've let my rocket and ruby chard bolt to flower and they look quite pretty, but I'd definitely like more salad greens and basil for summer. Better go and get some today...

Artichokes are reaching for the sky

An unknown seedling has sprouted in the central bed ... maybe a cucumber or a pumpkin?

The tomatoes in the garden are growing like mad - about 7' (2.3m) tall at the moment.

Not edible, I know, but I like the fractal-like structure of hollyhock buds. Self-seeded hollyhocks in the beds are growing to over 8' tall (2.4m)!

I adore the delicious sherbet-fragrance of lemon verbena

Another self-seeded plant - a pumpkin, I think .... any other suggestions?

This picture shows lemon mint at the front, with some rosemary peeping in at the side behind self-seeded violas, and the little white flowers at the back are from last season's rocket (arugula).

My ruby chard bolted while we were away and is now more than 1m tall.

Another mix of rocket flowers, rosemary and potted tomatoes.

Giant allium (Russian garlic) are growing tall and doffing their papery nightcaps....

I have no more room in my garden beds but I do have lots of pots awaiting their summer charges. Now it's time to head to the CERES nursery to find some more seedlings.

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I so love home grown tomatoes, nothing nicer

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