Tuesday, December 30, 2008


While some of my good friends are shivering in snowy conditions, here in Australia it's mid-summer. In Melbourne we've had the mildest (coolest) December in almost a decade, and I'm thankful that we've not been surrounded by the ominous, eerie glow of bushfire smoke or struggling through 40-degree days.

It is picnic and BBQ season though, so I was thrilled to find these beautiful bamboo bowls over at Re:modern. I love plain bamboo or cornstarch veneerware as a sensible alternative to plastic disposable products anyway, but these manage to up the anti in the style stakes!


Rina said...

Beautiful colors!
Happy new year dear Juddie!

Julie said...

They are quite gorgeous, Juddie: the shape and the colour. Reading the link, it says that they decompose 6 months after use. Are they meant to be only a one-use product. Pretty much to replace the paper plate.

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