Sunday, December 28, 2008

And so that was Christmas ...

We had beautiful, warm sunny weather,

lots of fine, fresh food and wine,

and fun times with loved ones.

Some willow branches served as a simple Christmas tree

next to a little nativity scene - baby cheeses in a manger:

I sewed some hand- and finger-puppets for two dear little boys

... and babysat my mum's spoodle.

So all is well here. Thank you for all your kind Christmas wishes, and may year's end be a peaceful one for you.


Julie said...

Some lovely photos here, Juddie. Your hibiscus is such a gorgeous red and so big - and so not eaten by bugs!

Your mum's spoodle is cute. I have two cats of my own plus at the mom ent I am sitting my daughter's cat while she is down the south coast.

Marc said...

Hi Juddie, thanks for visiting my blog on Amsterdam. Just browsed through your site a bit. It's absolutely lovely!

... also ...

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