Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is .... my way of recycling

~ I'm a leaf thief!*
In our household we recycle as much as we can, in all sorts of ways, but the other day I think I embarrassed my beloved a little bit by gathering several sacks of the beautiful golden leaves that pile up along Royal Parade in autumn.
They're detrimental to local aquatic ecosystems but wonderful for the garden and our compost worms!

(don't tell G, but I might gather some more this week, taking Gus as my accomplice...)

Don't forget to check over at Three Buttons to see who else is playing 'This is ...' this week.

* Thanks to Annie for this great description


Leni and Rose said...

Good idea! And your dog looks so cute sitting amongst them!

Annie said...

Thanks for inspiring me to get back on the This is trail. I too am a "leaf thief" and just LOVE it. My older kids look the other way, but I'm always stopping at raked up piles in the street, and carry many bags in the back of my car.

Lisa said...

Yay! Another leaf theif.

Queenslanders like me learn new things all the time hanging around This Is.

I am sure your worms are very happy that you take the time for them.

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