Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sneak peek 2

Today I (finally) get to post off my little contribution to Big Cat's art swap, for which the theme was 'In the Woods'. It was my fist attempt at being crafty with paint so it's pretty amateurish, but I hope she doesn't think it's too tragic.

Here's another little peek for you, Big Cat:

I hope they reach you before your birthday!


BigCat said...

They look incredible. I am so excited.

Postie, postie, don't be slow,
Bring my parcel, go, go, go.

CurlyPops said...

Wow, they're beautiful....

Serena said...

Wow Juddie, that's great.. I can't paint/draw at all (well, I tell a lie, I'm pretty good at stick figures)..

As per your comment to me, I'll let you know when I hear of other good swaps. I'm currently in an apron swap and another quilt one.

BigCat said...

They arrived and are absolutely extraordinary. I can't believe that you haven't painted before. You have so much talent.

Anyway, I am off to post them at my blog.

Thank you so much. They are truly amazing.

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