Saturday, May 17, 2008

Delivered safely

Yay! I'm so relieved that BigCat liked my contribution to her art swap.

I've only ever participated in one swap before, and because my partner didn't have a blog and I didn't have her email address, I never found out how my mobile fitted in with her household (I also didn't receive anything in return .... boo!)

But this swap was good fun, and all the pieces created look really special. Thank you Cath for organising it!


Joanna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! I love receiving comments from new visitors! I see you are in Oz - I lived in Brisbane for a couple of years and visited Melbourne for a few days. I couldn't tell you where though - I do know it was near a beach! Hmmm St Kilda is sounding familiar?

Anyway, thanks for visiting, and I'm off to have a nosey on your blog:)

Danielle said...

I saw your prints over at Big Cat too. They r gorgeous! My fave is the tree and the bear.

Tessa said...

These are awesome! I am sad to hear about you not recieving anything in return for your last swap... I promise that yours is coming!!! I PROMISE! :)

Bec said...

These are really really gorgeous!!! I'm sure they are very well loved!

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