Monday, March 05, 2012

Back from the void ...

Oh, woe! My laptop's hard drive completely died just after I wrote my last post, and being without my computer for several weeks made me realise just how much I still depend on it, despite having reduced my web browsing in recent months.

I've been keeping myself relatively busy making softies, sewing bits and pieces (but it's funny the way I still end up with a whole lot of UFOs even when I supposedly have plenty of time to devote to sewing - I tend to get frustrated and put things aside if they get a bit tricky).

We've been chipping away at the renovation of our holiday house, have discovered a couple of new cafes, and are trying to enjoy our last few weeks of 'normal' before the addition of another to our family. We've had a lot of rain again and as we transition into Autumn I have great plans for new garden plantings.... as always. I can't really do much gardening at the moment though so I might have to stick with armchair dreaming for a little while yet.

A cafe:
G used to have all his shoes made by two wonderful old Italian artisans at Invicta in Nicholson St - they would make quality, perfectly-fitting, long-lasting shoes from the softest leather, at very reasonable prices. They were eccentric, highly disorganised and quirky, and a sort of secret institution - many guys in our circle of friends just knew them as 'the shoe dudes', and they provided a wonderful resource of bespoke, quality products in this age of overwhelmingly cheap and throw-away consumerism. We were very sad when they retired a couple of years ago, but their shop has been reinvented as a really lovely little cafe, so we can continue to visit that little place on our local weekend meanderings.

The guys at Carolina have kept the gold 'Invicta' lettering on the old shoe-shop window, as well as retaining some of the shoemaking equipment and photos from the building's previous life. They serve delicious food, the decor is warm and inviting, and I love the beautiful courtyard at the back - someone there definitely has a green thumb! I'm sure Carolina will become one of our regular haunts from now on.... highly recommended!

What have you been up to lately? Hope you're all well and happy out there in blogland!

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