Thursday, February 09, 2012


It's three years since my dad passed away. I know he'd have been thrilled about us expecting our first baby soon, and he'd have been a wonderfully caring and fun-loving grandfather. I guess I'll have to help my little boy get to know his granddad through pictures and fond memories, through stories and just through being the way I am, as I do what I can to include some of my dad's sparkle in my everyday life.

I might indulge in a little glass of champagne this evening .... here's to you, Papa Dick!

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sakurasnow said...

To your Dad!
And to you! Congratulations :)

two blue shoes said...

Oh! Turns out I've been lurking here for longer than three years. My goodness, how time flies.

Congratulations on your bubba. It is the hardest and best thing ever, ever.

There is so much bittersweetness in making grandchildren. You wish so much that they could meet each other, and then you find your kid has his grandfather's hands, and his way of looking at things when concentrating... it is melancholy and miraculous, both.

Michelle said...

I raise my cup of tea to your dad. And to you, you clever chook, growing a little boy! It's such a wonderful thing to have happen.

I'm down your way for the quilt convention - suspect you won't be up for visitors, but I can always email you at the last moment and see how you are faring!

Amy said...

Your Dad will long live on through those special memories you share of him.
Congratulations on the happy news!
Amy xx

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