Saturday, December 03, 2011


While we were out with the dogs today we saw Bracken's previous owner. She walked away before I registered who she was, but G heard her say to her child "Look, that looks like Ralph!" (Bracken's previous name).

Oh, if I could only tell her how damaged that little dog was, thanks to her family's neglect, and what a long year of rehabilitation (and expense!) it's been to bring him around to some level of normality....
At least he's a happy little chap most of the time now - we just love him and his strange little ways.

We call him our little geek.


flowerpress said...

Lovely to see you back posting :-)
And so nice Bracken got a second chance.

sakurasnow said...

Welcome back Juddie!
Very sad news about your friend Lisa, and mind-boggling how someone (with children) could be so neglectful of sweet Bracken (he reminds me a little bit of Chewbacca in that last pic!).
Oh, and I loved the 'black cat audition' pics!

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