Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fleeting and precious

Too often we bustle too quickly through life, getting caught up in trivialities and missing opportunities ....
This week I was reminded once more of how precious every moment is.

G and I have been meaning to catch up with a beautiful friend for a few months now, and when we mentioned this in passing yesterday we were told that the lovely Lisa had been killed in a traffic accident. I still feel sick at the thought. We muddled up the date and so missed her last dinner party, and we just thought she was out and about when we dropped by her shop and she wasn't there.

Lisa certainly had the 'champagne effect' - she brought sparkle to every situation and conversation, and I can't imagine such a vibrant life being suddenly and violently extinguished. She was lighthearted, stylish, bold and very friendly. Lisa was a highly-respected milliner who adored vintage style and seemed to have stepped straight out of another era, whether it be the exuberant flapper heyday of the 20s or the Carnaby St Mod scene of the 60s. She was extremely proud of her dapper young son Massey, and they made a notable pair whenever they stepped out!

Ave Lisa. Melbourne has lost a precious, twinkling spirit.


Michelle said...

Oh Juddie, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. But what memories you have. What a woman.

Jane said...

oh, that's sad. I've been hearing too much of this sort of thing lately. fleeting and precious indeed.

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